Requirement Definition

A Masters of Science or Doctor of Philosophy graduate student that has time commitment of 3 years to achieve project goals. Preferable for student to have the following skill set:

  • Neurophysiology or biomedical engineering background. Knowledge of any of the following is a plus: current electroneurodiagnostics techniques, neuroanatomy, nerve conduction and instrumentation
  • Experience with human clinical trial experiments, ethics and statistics is a plus
  • Demonstrated independent skill and ability for EEG monitoring is preferred
  • Demonstrated ability to operate neurodiagnostic analog and digital medical equipment is a plus
  • Computational programming experience is a plus
  • Research experience in chronic pain is a plus
  • Experience designing, collecting, analyzing and interpreting scientific data is required
  • Able to collaborate with lead Principal Investigator and other team members

Technical deliverables:

  • Baseline report: current inventory of equipment, data acquisition and analysis software and human subject recruitment plan.
  • Deliverable of human clinical trial approval and subject recruitment report to BCP
  • HD-EEG electrode placement and test protocol
  • HD-EEG validation and test results of pain signature detectability
  • tDCS electrode placement and test protocol
  • tDCS validation and test results of pain management
  • Mathematical algorithm for neurofeedback with HD-EEG and tDCS.


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